Sophie Christophy is a feminist and children’s rights activist, primarily working on deconstructing patriarchy from childhood socialization in education and family organizational and relational culture. She is a conduit for the emergence of a consent and rights-based social and environmental paradigm, working with individuals and organisations on deschooling, integrating consent and rights-based principles into practice, and on enhancing authenticity, integrity and transparency by aligning principles with practice (beliefs with behavior). She also works these principles every day in her own life. 

In January 2018 she co-founded a self-directed, consent and rights-based education setting called the Cabin, as a space to realise children’s rights in the here and now, and model this new way of being to enable others to make the change. To our knowledge it is the first explicitly consent-based education setting for children in the UK, and also the first to identify itself as Ed Positive – a transdisciplinary education philosophy that breaks down traditional subject silos, hierarchy and gatekeeping, and instead is curiosity driven, problem oriented, critical, an open access approach rooted in children’s rights. In 2020 she became CEO of Phoenix Education.

You can find documentation of her ongoing self-directed academic work – an Unschooled Master of Arts in Children’s Rights, Parenthood and Education – here.

Her writing on themes of children’s rights, feminism, parenting, education and consent can be found in this blog, on the Huffington Post and Attachment Parenting UK.

Videos and podcasts:

EU072: Unschooled Master of Arts with Sophie Christophy


To work with Sophie, you can contact her here:

Twitter: @schristophy, Facebook: Sophie Christophy, by email: sophiechristophy@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sophie
    I’ve worked in re-engagement at the edges of further education for the last 8 years and recently left my job running a campus of a small college to start a research, consultation and programme design/delivery education company called YouVersity.
    I’ve also just started a Doctor of Education research programme at the University of Brighton. My research is in the area of what learning possibilities exist outside of the conventional routes and how do we begin to better map and navigate them. I’m currently linking with a range of home-ed, unschooling networks and would very much like to find time to talk.
    Looking forward to connecting

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  3. Hi Sophie. : )

    Just listened to your interview on Pam Laricchia’s podcast and will be following your UMA with great interest. I’m a mum of 2 unschooled boys and am new to the UK. We used to live in NZ and ran in the same circles as Lucy AtikenRead. It’s a small world. : )

    Thanks for all you do,

    • Hi Danielle – great to hear from you! Where abouts in the UK are you based now? It is a small world indeed, I am always so pleased to connect with other parents/families on this journey.

  4. Sophie, this is so spot on. It mirrors a set of thought processes I run through literally every day in order to get on with raising my pile of small kids with a modicum of dignity and resolve. Thanks so much for speaking this truth.

  5. Hello,
    I find your work so inspirational, and would love to attend your course. I live quite far from you, and am wondering whether you are planning on making it available online in some way. I am very thankful to have access to your writings. I wish you a beautiful day.

    • Hi Laure, I am running the course again in September, but in person. I am working on a way to deliver online, if I figure that out it will happen some time next year. Thanks so much for your comments and interest.

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